Do you want to stop feeling embarrassed with your weight?

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Our program offers you long term weight-loss success–not a temporary fix!

We get how you feel, what the hard parts of morbid obesity are–and most importantly we know how to help you see the change that lasts for the rest of your life. Your future success story is waiting on you right now.

You don't only have an issue with food, although food is essential in gaining long-term success with medical weight-loss surgery. You need extra help to drop the weight that's just always been there for as long as you can remember.

We offer real solutions that won't just fix a temporary problem of the severe condition of obesity. 


"I had the best doctor & staff!"

FALLON lost more than 100 pounds by working with the comprehensive weight management team. “This was a huge lifestyle change for me and I am so glad I made it.” Fallon has continued to live a healthier lifestyle that includes eating right and staying active with her family.

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You can be strong, healthy & confident.

Struggling with your weight can be extremely isolating–especially when you feel like there's no one who understands.

We understand.

And we know exactly where you're at in thinking that your situation seems a bit impossible to improve. And yes–change can be difficult–but what if you knew this change would help you live the life you've always wanted to have?

What's the perfect picture you see for your life? Is it one of laughter, playing with your kids, grandkids and feeling healthy everyday? This has been the picture that hundreds of our patients have experienced after having medical weight-loss surgery.

This can be your picture, too!


Your life isn't over–it's just beginning.

It's natural to feel isolated when you deal with morbid obesity. But you're not alone. In fact, our team is waiting now to begin working with you and getting your life to that perfect picture you see in your head. We're ready for you–are you ready to begin?

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Call Angela to schedule your office visit now. 

Our team is ready to help make the picture in your head happen in real life. You can have the health you deserve. Call Angela, our Bariatric coordinator, at 740-475-0442 and take that first step toward a longer, healthier, and happier life. She's ready to answer any and all questions you may have!

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Comprehensive Weight Management for Morbid Obesity

Fairfield Medical Center, in conjunction with Dr. Timothy Custer of Central Ohio Bariatrics, has developed a comprehensive approach to bariatric surgery - one that provides extensive support both before and following surgery to help ensure long-term weight management success.