Since my bariatric surgery my life has never been the same. People I've known for years have a hard time recognizing me because the change has been so dramatic. One year after my bariatric surgery I lost over 106 pounds. It was the best decision I could have made for my life. I have more energy, self-confidence and happiness now that I'm in control of my weight.

Never would I have expected to look forward to stepping on the scale - there's no fear now. I know how to live my life and be in control of how I eat and exercise. When I go out to lunch I understand eating the whole plate isn't worth it. Portioning is so important!

Because of my success after bariatric surgery, one of my close friends made the decision to choose it for herself as well. It's encouraging to see how my life has affected others around me for the better. There's no greater feeling! The help I received from the Central Ohio Bariatrics team made the difference in my life. I know that I've changed for the better, and I love it!



I have no doubt in my mind that Dr. Custer saved my life, twice. For Dr. Custer and his team it's just another day at work, but my life has changed profoundly.

At my peak, my weight was 415 pounds. 30 days before my bariatric surgery I followed the program provided for me and lost 29 pounds before surgery. My surgery weight was 386.  My nerves were very high on surgery day, but it went well and my recover was just fine. Six months after my surgery I lost an additional 144 pounds, which brought my weight down to 242 pounds.  I have thankfully remained at that weight to this day!

I am quickly approaching my 3 year anniversary date.  After surgery I have much more energy, I'm very active walking each week, and I'm now able to work on remodeling projects in our home.  I feel as if I'm 30 years old again at age 55.  

I take no sugar medication but still take blood pressure and cholesterol meds since I had the stent put in the year before my gastric bypass. I guess that's a small price to pay for my years of being overweight.  At my modest age of 55, I am in the best health of my life! It still amazes me how fast the change was and how the weight just disappeared.

I could never adequately repay the Central Ohio Bariatric team for giving my life back to me. It has meant everything! 



Prior to surgery, I was 46 years old and could hardly get through a day. I took over 20 pills daily due to hypertension, acid reflux, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Sarcoidosis, migraines and gout. I was so sick I couldn’t even help around the house, leaving all the responsibilities to my husband. I could barely get through the day at work. I was in constant pain with no energy.

I had the Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery on May 19th, 2009. My pre-op weight was 270.2 and now my current weight is 148! I’m so thankful, encouraged and happy!

Because of my surgery, I am no longer taking any of the medication I used to take daily. None! Before surgery I had doctor’s appointments almost every other week. Now I’m only going every six months for routine checkups. I can take care of my own home, have a new puppy and exercise is part of my weekly routine! Most importantly I have the joy to play with my four grandsons. There’s no greater feeling than to have the freedom to roll around on the floor with them!

As I look back I can see I was successful because I took the changes seriously that Dr. Custer and his team asked me to do. The surgery was the beginning. The support, encouragement and knowledge I received afterwards made the difference. To this day I still drink 64 ounces of water and watch my portions - a way I would have never dreamed of living before!


M. McGee

“Before coming to Central Ohio Bariatrics, I couldn’t exercise, tie my shoes, or interact physically with my kids. I was miserable. This surgery has allowed me to do all of those things and more! If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, DO IT NOW! Don’t wait, Dr. Custer is the only one I would recommend. I would recommend Central Ohio Bariatrics to anyone and everyone thinking about weight loss surgery, and I’ve sent some of my friends here to get the help they need. This place is awesome!” - M. McGee

Cindy H.


“Dr. Custer at Central Ohio Bariatrics has helped me be able to walk more, have more energy, ride a bike, enjoy playing with my kids, and I can even do sit-ups and exercise now! If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, my advice would be to make sure you go to all the classes and meet with other people who have had the surgery. It helped me tremendously. The Central Ohio Bariatrics team were amazing!” - Cindy H. 

L. Tevelun


“Before coming to Central Ohio Bariatrics, I couldn’t even cross my legs. I couldn’t exercise, tie my shoes, and I never turned down food when it was offered to me. Not only has Central Ohio Bariatrics changed my appearance, they’ve changed the way I think about food. I can now go up and down stairs more often as well. Bariatric surgery is the best thing you can do to help you live a more productive life.” - L. Tevelun

J.A. Godae


“Central Ohio Bariatrics has changed my life! I can now walk up stairs, sleep without a CPAP, work a 12 hour shift without pain and I feel younger than my age instead of older! I went from a size 44 pants to a size 34. If you are thinking about bariatric surgery — just do it. It will change your life. The support and guidance pre-op and post-op was incredible. The dietary guidance was life changing for me.” - J. A. Godae



“I was on disability to 1.5 years, and with the help of Central Ohio Bariatrics and bariatric surgery, I returned! I am able to buy new clothes because they get too big about every three months — I’m still losing! I’m finally happy and have energy all the time, I can breathe easier without all the weight. I’ve been able to almost completely stop taking prescription medications which, before now, I’ve wasted thousands on. The most important thing you need to know if you are thinking about bariatric surgery is that it’s not a quick fix. It’s a new lifestyle. If you follow the program, you WILL succeed. I loved the whole team at Central Ohio Bariatrics, they were there to help me through the good and the bad. They literally helped save my life. Everything I needed was explained thoroughly to me from portion size, vitamins, etc. As a bonus I learned to cook good homemade food!” - Karrie Hall


“Central Ohio Bariatrics has allowed me to enjoy my life! It has given me so much freedom! I am now able to play with my children, climb steps and not be winded and worn out, I feel good about myself and I found clothing that actually fits correctly and comfortably. Getting bariatric surgery was the best decision not only for me, but for my family as well. We are all more active, eat healthier. My advice for anyone looking into bariatric surgery is to keep your family active and involved every step of the way. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I love Dr. Custer and the care team at Central Ohio Bariatrics. They were all very helpful in seeing that my needs have been met before, during and after my surgery.” - Lora Babusci



“Before bariatric surgery has allowed me to walk through a store without getting winded, pick out clothes off the wrack, complete household duties, be more involved in church activities and choose healthier meal choices. It’s changed the way I think about portion sizes and things I eat. If you are thinking about getting bariatric surgery, do it! The team at Central Ohio Bariatrics was extremely supportive, understanding and encouraging.” - Patricia Anderson


“Prior to bariatric surgery, I couldn’t go up stairs normally, or tie my shoes. Getting in and out of a car was challenging and I couldn’t sit in normal sized chairs. Now I can do all that and so much more! I went to an amusement park recently and was able to fit in a roller coaster seat just fine! If you are thinking about bariatric surgery and you are willing to change the way you think by “Eating to live, not living to eat,”  then this will be a life changing experience for you. It was a new lease on life for me.The team at Central Ohio Bariatrics is great and they call cared about my success. They were always there if I needed them. I am overjoyed I decided to get the surgery and I feel great!” - Cynthia Chadwick

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