LAP-BAND Surgery Diet: 7 Foods To Avoid After Your Procedure

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Around 1 in 13 adults is extremely obese. Obesity takes a toll on physical and emotional health. Are you at least 70 pounds overweight and have a weight-related health condition? If so, the risk of surgery is less than the risk of remaining obese.

Those with the greatest success after surgery stick to a LAP-BAND surgery diet. Wondering what foods to avoid after surgery?

Read on to learn about the seven foods to avoid after your procedure.

Beer, Soda, and Sparkling Wine

All the bubbles in beer, soda, and sparkling wine and champagne add up to a lot of gas. Bloating is often the result. After LAP-BAND surgery, don't fill up on high-caloric beverages. Choose small portions of protein instead.

It's never good to fill up on sugary drinks. Your brain doesn't register the calories in sugary drinks the way it does food. You'll end up feeling hungry, even though you've ingested a lot of calories.

Be sure to drink lots of water, but avoid drinking much with meals after surgery.

Prime Rib

After banding, it's important to eat foods that are well lubricated. Prime rib is rough in texture making it hard to chew and digest. If you're craving steak, try filet mignon. Its texture is smoother making it easier to digest.

Use low-fat, low-sugar sauces to help the food go down easier.

Candy and Sugar

Candy and sugar are bad for everyone. It's essential to avoid them after LAP-BAND surgery. Candy is full of sugar, high in calories, and lacks vitamins. After eating sugar, your blood sugar spikes.

A couple of hours after eating the sugar, you're hungry again. This leads to a dangerous cycle of craving and eating more sugar.

If sugar is a problem for you, stop eating it now and don't eat it after LAP-BAND surgery.

Scallops and Shrimp

Scallops and shrimp contain an exoskeleton. It's the roughage on the outside. Even if you avoid the tails, it's possible to ingest much of the exoskeleton. It's possible for this exoskeleton to get stuck in the banding.

You can eat some scallops and shrimp on a LAP-BAND surgery diet, but if you do, chew them well!

Prepackaged and Diet Foods

Prepackaged foods are a bad idea for everyone. They contain unhealthy oils, chemicals, and other fats. Avoid prepackaged diet foods as well. Prepackaged foods are processed and contain extra sugar, fat, and calories.

Many diet foods substitute sugar for fat, which leads to the sugar craving cycle. Once you break the sugar cycle, you won't crave sugar anymore.

Chips and Dip

Chips and dip are non-nutritional and full of fat and calories. Creamy sauces and starchy foods are tasty and addictive. It's best to avoid them on a LAP-BAND surgery diet.

Baked Goods

We all know donuts aren't good for us. It's important for everyone to avoid baked goods. But, it's especially important after LAP-BAND surgery. These foods, like others on the list, are empty calories.

Baked goods also cause sugar spikes and cravings.

Lap-Band Surgery Diet

Now you know what foods to avoid on a LAP-BAND surgery diet. It's beneficial for everyone to avoid these foods. Eat plenty of protein, fresh vegetables, and fruits to live a longer, healthy, and happy life.

Are you ready for LAP-BAND surgery? We can help!