3 Tips for Maintaining a Low Fat Diet After Weight Loss Surgery

Maintaining a Low-Fat Diet After Weight Loss Surgery

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If you've recently had lap band surgery, good for you.

You proved that you are willing to invest in your own health, and you are probably noticing some drastic positive result. Buckle up! The most crucial time is still in front of you.

Did you know around 70% of those who undergo lap band surgery, do not achieve or maintain their weight-loss goals?

What are weight loss clinics in Columbus, Ohio and Fairfield County saying specifically about successful low-fat diets?

Here are three important tips to help you succeed in your low-fat diet aims after weight loss surgery.

1. Avoid Cutting Fat Out of Your Low-Fat Diet

No. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Recent studies reveal diets that completely exclude fat are largely unsuccessful in achieving healthy weight goals.

In no-fat diets, fats are often replaced with an overabundance of carbohydrates. Once in the body, these unused carbs turn to sugar which is then stored as fat.

But "fat" should not be considered a swear word as you go about your low-fat diet.

Healthy fats do exist!

Nuts, avocados, olive and coconut oils, chia seeds and certain fish.... to name a few, are high in natural fat and beneficial to your heart, skin, and body when eaten in the right amounts.

Do your research. Knowledge is key to knowing just how much healthy fat you should incorporate into your daily diet.

2. Be Prepared for Difficult Days

There will always be tough days when the package of double-stuffed Oreo bliss will kill the carrot sticks in the battlefield of your mind. If remnants of bad-eating habits are left hiding in the back of the cabinet, kiss your low-fat diet goodbye.

In the first few months after your bariatric surgery, you have the opportunity to establish new eating habits that can last for the rest of your life.

Make it easier to stay disciplined by emptying your house of foods low in nutritional value. Particularly foods high in unhealthy fat, sugar, and excessive carbs.

Fill your kitchen with healthy options, while saving your unhealthy exceptions for celebratory events such as birthdays and holidays.

You don't need anything that will sabotage all your hard work left haunting your own home.

3. Modify Metabolism through Movement

Have you ever been told you were born with poor metabolism as if someone was giving you a permanent overweight sentence in a court of law?

It's true that biology plays a role in determining your metabolism, but it is not true that you are stuck with a fixed metabolic rate till kingdom come.

The human body's amazing ability to adapt to change means that your metabolism is altered every time you exercise.

Exercise is an ABSOLUTE when establishing new eating habits. Eating the right foods and not exercising is like buying a plane ticket and missing the flight.

Hungry for more tips on how to manage a low-fat diet?

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