What to Do in the Weeks Before and After You Have Lap Band Surgery

What to Do Before and After You Have Lap Band Surgery

Deciding to have lap band surgery is a life-changing decision. It is also a surgery that you need to change your life to succeed.

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Ohio's statistics for obesity in adults have risen to 31.5% in 2017 from 20.6% in 2000.

For those with a BMI of 35 or higher lap band surgery is often the best option. It can allow them to lose weight and gain the life they want.

It's important that a patient knows what they are getting into. They need to prepare for their procedure.

Keep reading for the ways you can help ensure you're successful on your new journey to a new you

Before Lap Band Surgery

It's vital to prepare for your procedure by following the instructions given.There will be a lot of changes to how and what you can eat after surgery.

The earlier you formulate a plan for success, the more successful you'll be.

In the weeks before surgery you should:

Prepare for Recovery

You'll want to have everything in place at home before you go for your procedure. This may include buying vitamins, soups, clear fluids, sugar-free popsicles, and skim milk.

Discuss with Your Doctor

Know what protein shakes or other supplements he would like you to take before and after surgery. Ensure you have a good supply of them in the house before the day you have the lap band surgery done.

It will make it easier after surgery if you start your diet before you have it.

Talk to your dietitian or physician about what they expect from you. Learn what you are allowed to have and whether they want you on a liquid diet for the few days or week before you go in.

Get a Support System in Place

Changing your life is not easy and you'll need emotional and physical support as you recover. You need to prepare mentally for the journey you're starting. Set up your support system prior to getting your surgery.

You'll need someone to take you home and help you on the day of and few days after you have your lap band surgery. This will be one more stress off your shoulders if you have everything in place beforehand.

There will be at least a few days of recovery so make arrangements with work and any other commitments you have to be away as you do. Even if your surgery is an outpatient procedure, it will take time to heal. Prepare for that so when you are home afterward you can focus on recovering and adapting to your new life.

After Lap Band Surgery

The surgery itself may less than an hour but you will not be back to work that day. You need to recover. It's important you follow all your doctor's instructions. This will make it easier to succeed.

Know What You Need to Do

Before you leave for home ensure you know what you need to do. Make note of when you can go back to work, what exercise you are allowed to do and when.

Find out what you are able to eat and when you can add new things. Stick to what you are advised to do. It may be hard but will be worth it.

Avoid Sugars, Sodas, Alcohol, and Fats

When you first go home you'll be on a liquid diet. Slowly you'll be able to add new foods to your diet but know what you can and can't have.

Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body to make sure you are recovering properly. If you are in a great deal of pain, have bleeding, severe acid reflux or are not tolerating foods when you should be able then to consult your healthcare team. Your band may slip or need to be monitored.

Exercise can be introduced after you heal. You'll need to move and exercise if you want the best results. Walk, move, dance, and exercise when you can.

Plan for Success

You can succeed if you plan for success and don't let failure be an option. Follow the doctor's directions, lean on your support system, do what you can.

Your future is bright and you can be in control of your destiny after lap band surgery. You just need to know in your own mind that you can do it. Get support from those who have gone through it and be kind to yourself on the days you struggle.

Check out the frequently asked questions for more information. Start your journey to a new you today.