Everything You Need to Know About Lap Band Surgery in Columbus Ohio

Lap Band Surgery in Columbus Ohio: All You Need to Know


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Are you looking for some help losing weight?

Sometimes, dieting and exercising alone just isn't enough. Thankfully, there are other options out there to help you.

Lap band surgery is one of those, and it's proven to be an effective method for long-term weight loss. Read on to find out if lap band surgery in Columbus Ohio is right for you.

What Lap Band Surgery in Columbus Ohio Will Do for You

It's a Simple Procedure

Lap band surgery isn't a complicated process.

It's a non-invasive procedure by which a small, silicone ring is fitted around the top of the stomach. That ring is connected to a tube, which leads to a port under the skin of the abdomen. Through this port, a doctor can inject a saline solution.

This causes the ring to constrict around the area in which it's fitted, effectively reducing the size of the stomach. As a result, the patient will feel full after eating much less food than usual.

It's Adjustable

The degree to which the stomach will be restricted completely depends on the patient.

After the band has been fitted, the doctor will guide the patient through a series of adjustments in order to find the most suitable level. During these appointments, the level of fluid in the band will be adjusted in different ways. When the patient feels most comfortable and has begun to see sufficient weight loss results, the band can be left to do its work.

Further adjustments can be made as often as the patient requires.

It's Not a Quick Fix

Before you commit to lap band surgery in Columbus Ohio, it's important that you understand that it only works if you do.

It's not a magic cure, and weight loss is not guaranteed. In order to reap the benefits of it, you need to be dedicated to making lifestyle changes. If you fail to reduce your calorie intake or to make better food choices, you might not lose much weight at all.

However, if you put the work in, the procedure can change your life.

You Can Lose a Lot of Weight

Lap band surgery has a great track record of success, and studies have shown that it significantly improves weight loss as well as quality of life.

In fact, patients can lose up to 40% of their excess weight in just one year after surgery.

It Improves Obesity-Related Conditions

As well as helping you to lose excess weight, lap band surgery has other benefits, too.

It helps to reduce conditions caused by obesity, including acid reflux disease, sleep apnea, and type 2 diabetes.

It's Reversible

Lap band surgery is intended to be a lifelong commitment. However, it is possible to reverse the procedure and remove the band through surgery. This is usually only done if there are medical reasons for it, and patients who take this route often gain weight back afterwards.

This is why many patients opt for lap band surgery in Columbus Ohio over procedures like sleeve gastrectomy, which permanently alter the stomach, and can carry a risk of failure or infection.

Speak to the Experts

Lap band surgery is more than just a surgical procedure. We offer nutritional guidance, psychological support, and long-term follow up to ensure that you meet your weight loss goals while enjoying a happy, healthy life.

To find out more, see our lap band surgery FAQs.