6 Tips for Mental Preparation Before Weight Loss Surgery in Columbus Ohio

Weight Loss Surgery in Columbus Ohio: How to Prepare

Going through weight loss surgery is not just a big change for your body. This kind of surgery can affect you emotionally, as well.

Your doctor probably gave you a list of ways to prepare yourself physically for this surgery. Perhaps quitting smoking or stopping certain medications.

But, it's also important to take steps to mentally prepare yourself for this big life transition. When you get home, it's up to you to keep yourself motivated to keep the weight off.

Research shows that most people who undergo weight loss surgery have kept the weight off 10 years later. Setting yourself up for success before your surgery can ensure that you have those kinds of longterm results, too.

Are you scheduled to undergo weight loss surgery in Columbus Ohio?

Read on to find six tips on how to prepare for the procedure in advance.

1. Manage Your Expectations

It's important to understand what can be achieved with weight loss surgery in Columbus Ohio. You won't come out of surgery at your goal weight.

It's not uncommon to retain fluid after surgery. That could cause you to weigh even more than when you went into surgery. Getting discouraged that you didn't wake up with immediate results is something to avoid.

Instead, remember that the surgery is about fixing something on the inside. The procedure will make it easier to manage your weight in the future.

Be aware that this surgery isn't an overnight cure. Prepare yourself for the long road ahead of healthy eating and exercise.

2. Get Clear on Your Goals

Another way to mentally prepare yourself is to figure out your goals for after surgery. But don't get too hung up on a target weight. Picking an arbitrary number could discourage your progress.

Maybe you'd like to be able to take a run around your local park without stopping. Another goal could be fitting into the pants you wore when you were at a weight that felt more comfortable.

Give yourself something to work towards other than just losing as much weight as possible. This is about becoming a happier and healthier person. You're more than just the number on the scale.

3. Involve Your Loved Ones

Research shows that people tend to lose more weight when they have the support of others. Involve your loved ones in your weight loss journey, and lean on them when you're having a tough time staying motivated.

Try getting a weight loss buddy. You can keep each other accountable and exercise together.

Also, don't assume that the people around you will automatically know how to support you. Before your surgery, sit down with the most important people in your life.

Tell them about your goals and what you think you might struggle with. Make them aware of your triggers to overeat or stop exercising.

You might be surprised by what your loved ones don't understand about your weight struggles. That's especially true if they aren't obese themselves.

To them, a nice gesture might be to bring you an extra cookie from the bakery.

"One won't hurt! You've been eating so well lately!"

But to you, eating just one cookie could cause you to beat yourself up with guilt. What they thought was loving, actually ruined your whole day.

The only way they can know that is if you tell them.

4. Purge and Restock Your Pantry Before Surgery

Before your weight loss surgery in Columbus Ohio, purge your house of all the unhealthy food.

Practically speaking, this will eliminate the temptation to indulge. It's a lot easier to eat a whole bag of chips when they're calling to you from the next room.

You're less likely to drive all the way to the store for them when a midnight craving hits.

Plus, after surgery, you'll be recovering and in a vulnerable state. When we feel under the weather we often reach for comfort foods.

You won't want to be dealing with throwing out all the unhealthy foods during this time.

Emotionally, purging and restocking your pantry with healthy foods can be something of a ritual. It signals a new beginning. The old habits are in the garbage along with the candy bars.

5. Research and Learn About Your Surgery

Of course, your doctor should be filling you in on what to expect. It doesn't hurt to do some research yourself.

This way, you can know just what to expect. You can ask your doctor thoughtful, pointed questions about the procedure and recovery. This will make you feel more in control and ready for what's ahead.

Learn about what other patients dealt with after their surgeries. How long did it take to lose the weight?

This can also help you manage your expectations.

Talking to someone who has been through it themselves is a great idea. Getting that first-hand account can ease your mind and prepare you for obstacles.

6. Join a Support Group

There are many different causes of obesity. Often, a contributing factor is your emotional health that triggers you to overeat. Some people have issues with food addiction.

Before and after your surgery, consider joining a support group or seeing a therapist. If you don't address the root cause of your obesity, you're at a greater risk of gaining the weight back.

A support group is helpful because you can be around people who truly understand what you're going through. Having a place to go regularly where you can talk about your weight loss successes and failures will keep you motivated.

Are You Considering Weight Loss Surgery in Columbus Ohio?

Deciding to undergo weight loss surgery is the first step in the direction towards a healthy and happy future.

It's not a magic bullet solution. You still have to put in the work. But, if you prepare yourself for the journey ahead, you can be another bariatric surgery success story.

If you're considering weight loss surgery in Columbus Ohio, we can help. Contact us, and Angela, our LPN, can answer all your questions.