3 Effective Surgeries for Weight Loss in Columbus, Ohio

3 Types of Surgeries for Weight Loss in Columbus Ohio


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Did you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide?

Being overweight is associated with heart disease, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It's also a contributing factor in many other conditions.

Changes to lifestyle, diet, and exercise routines are important to maintaining a healthy weight. But there are also surgical options available.

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Qualifications for Candidates

Candidates seeking weight loss in Columbus Ohio through surgical means should consider two factors.

The first is a BMI exceeding 40. Take a look at this chart to find your BMI. Generally, candidates exceed their ideal body weight by 100 pounds (men) and 80 pounds (women).

The second factor is the presence of a qualifying disease. This includes type II diabetes, sleep apnea, or heart disease. These conditions threaten immediate health and warrant the risks associated with surgery.

Reversible vs Irreversible

No surgery should be undertaken lightly. Complications can and do occur with both reversible and irreversible procedures.

A "middle ground" of semi-reversible can exist, but this shouldn't be counted on.

A reversible surgery offers peace of mind for future changes. However, it's not a guarantee against the associated risks.

Weight Loss in Columbus Ohio

Though medical science has developed seven weight loss procedures, three are considered effective and safe.

Gastric bypass, gastric band, and gastric sleeve are effective enough to be covered by most insurance policies. Let's examine each one.

Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass)

The most common and most well-understood of the procedures, gastric bypass is exactly as it sounds.

A small section of the stomach is separated and rerouted further into the small intestine. This "bypasses" some of the intestines, leading to less nutrient absorption.

The smaller stomach also means less food can be taken in. The hormone that sends out hunger signals is also drastically reduced. This results in a solid three-punch method for reducing weight.

Gastric Band (Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band)

Requiring the least amount of commitment, the gastric band works by restricting the upper portion of the stomach. The band is adjustable, which provides control and customizability.

Gastric bands have the fewest risks of the three procedures, as it is also the least invasive. However, there is only one mechanism at play: restriction of size.

Experts believe that the ease with which one can cheat is why this procedure is less effective for weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy)

This procedure is irreversible and relatively new. Long-term effects are not fully understood.

It was first developed in 2001 as an alternative first stage of gastric bypass.

One major benefit is fewer side-effects of the vitamin deficiency typically associated with gastric bypass. The irreversible nature of the surgery is a potential drawback.

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