Patient Transformations: Thousands of Pounds Lost, Hundreds of Years Added



Every day we are blown away by our patients who, collectively, have lost thousands of pounds, and added hundreds of years to their lives.

You see, there’s no shortcut to tackling obesity, and there’s no magic pill (sorry!).

And no matter which approach you choose, courage, determination, commitment, and support are a must.

While some might view going under the knife an “easy” way out, we strongly disagree.

To lose weight and keep it off requires drastic lifestyle changes, a surgical procedure, recovery, and new daily habits sustained over the rest of your life.

There’s nothing easy about that!

Plus, making the decision to tackle morbid obesity is an emotional journey and becomes a truly life-altering event for most of our patients. Here’s why:


#1: Patients Add an Average of 8-15 Years ONTO Their Life with Surgery

Weight loss surgery means you not only get to reach a place of ideal health but add nearly a decade and a half to your life! Patients who have undergone surgery enjoy:

  • 56% decreased mortality from heart disease
  • 92% decrease in mortality from diabetes
  • ave 60% fewer cancer deaths.


“He Literally Saved My Life!”
Working with the team at Central Ohio Bariatrics was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! Before the surgery I couldn't cross my legs, breathe well or do stairs or say no to sweets - (no more insulin now - yeah!). Now I can do all of that and more. My advice to anyone thinking about weight loss surgery: do whatever you need to do to get healthy, and everything else will fall into place. My quality of life is so much better!” - Mary Craig


#2: Patients Lose the Excess Weight they Couldn’t Get Off with Diet & Exercise

Obesity is unresponsive to diet and exercise. In fact, less than 1% achieve significant and sustained weight loss through that approach alone. The truth is that multiple behavioral, environmental, genetic, and metabolic factors combined produce a propensity toward becoming overweight.


“It's the Best Way to Help Yourself”
“I believe surgical weight loss is one of the best ways to help yourself. Since being supported by the team at Central Ohio Bariatrics, I am now sleeping better, walking and not out of breath. Dr. Custer is really great. Go for it; it’s the best way to help yourself.” - Emma Snailham


#3: Weight Loss Surgery is Not the Easy Way Out, It’s the ONLY Way Out

Bariatric surgery certainly is not for the faint-hearted or those looking for a shortcut to success. Those who suffer morbid obesity know that its effects are much deeper than a list of medical problems. However, as the weight comes off, this cycle is broken, and hope and sustained change are once again possible.


“Dr. Custer Cares”
“If you want to feel better, live to see your kids grow up, as well as feel and look it! Before my surgery, I could not take long walks with my kids, wear clothes that fit me, stand on my feel for long without my knees or feet hurting, or play or dance with my kids. Dr. Custer cared and was always available. He talked about anything I needed, and I felt very comfortable around him.” - Tessa Chessler


Obesity is a chronic disease process that, while manageable, will never be cured and this will be a daily battle for the remainder of our patients’ lives.

But the great new is that research shows that most people who undergo weight loss surgery have kept the weight off 10 years later!

Be sure to see for yourself below. There are more than 100 incredible transformations to pour over!


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Which makes it easy to understand why we are so proud of each and every patient transformation we’ve had the honor of being part of.


Are you ready to be one of these people?

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