Our Top 10 Testimonials



We have over 100 stories of people who have successfully collectively lost thousands of pounds.

But there’s something we hear far more often than “Wow I’m so happy to be lighter!”

More profoundly, as the weight comes off the cycle of hopelessness is broken. Tasks that once were a strain or simply out of bounds are now possible.  

The whole world opens back up, and life begins anew.

Here are ten of our favorite stories from courageous people just like you who took that first step from sitting on the sidelines of their life to stepping back in and creating precious moments, memories, and experiences:

“I Can Play with My Grandchildren Now”

“I struggled to be able to play with my grandchildren before the weight loss surgery because just getting up off the floor was a challenge. Now I can not only play with them but I can also run, plant flowers and garden! My health has improved, and I feel great.The Central Ohio Bariatrics team are great!”

- Connie Primmer

“I'm a Better Wife & Mom”

“Being more active with my kids was a priority and a huge motivator in my decision to undertake weight loss surgery. As a result, I can now go on rides with my kids, walk around the zoo without pain, swim at the beach, do housework and grocery shop pain-free. It has made me a better wife and mom; It is all worth it in the end. Dr. Custer is amazing!”

- Carlene Norris

“My Husband Can Wrap His Arms Around Me”

“Bad eating habits are a challenge for a lot of us, but since my procedure, I can now better control my food choices. I can also walk up stairs without running out of breath, exercise for more extended periods and even ride roller coasters more easily! But one of the sweetest parts of all is that my husband is now able to wrap his arms around me.”

- Chelsea Colin

“He Literally Saved My Life!”

“Working with the team at Central Ohio Bariatrics was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! Before the surgery I couldn't cross my legs, breathe well or do stairs or say no to sweets - (no more insulin now - yeah!). Now I can do all of that and more. My advice to anyone thinking about weight loss surgery: do whatever you need to do to get healthy, and everything else will fall into place. My quality of life is so much better!”

- Mary Craig

“Now I Truly Love Myself”

“The Central Ohio Bariatrics team did an excellent job. While everyone is different, the care is #1! Now I can say that I truly love myself. Plus I can wear size 14 pants, reach and see areas that I haven’t seen for years, feel my bones, and cross my legs when sitting!”

- Karla Digessie

“Now I Can Volunteer at My Church”

“Since my surgery, I now have increased stamina and general health so I can volunteer at a senior’s center and my church. I was very pleased with Dr. Custer and his team and found the classes before the surgery very helpful and needed. Now I can sit in a restaurant booth, breath better, exercise three days/week and travel and take day trips!”

- Larry Steven Tedrick

“Now I Can Dance My Booty Off!”

“I read all I could before my weight-loss surgery and knew that because everyone is different, it could take more of less time for me. But since my procedure I can now run, jog, sleep well, dance my booty off and wear clothes at regular stores.”

- Julie Rollings

“Now I’m Happy With What I See In The Mirror”

“Changing my eating habits was hard at first, but now it’s just a thing that comes naturally to eat healthily. It takes hard work, but it’s worth it in the end. Dr. Custer and his team were very friendly and took great care of me. After my weight loss surgery, I can now exercise without getting tired, play sports with my kids, shop without worrying if I will fit into certain things, go out dancing, and look in the mirror and be happy with myself! ”

- Misty McKenzie

“First Time in 12 Years I Fit a Size 10!”

“Since my weight loss surgery I am more active, feel better about myself, and am more confident. Best of all I can now fit a size 10! Although portion control and making healthy choices is sometimes challenging, the team at Central Ohio Bariatrics is very supportive and provided me with additional nutritional support when I needed it. I have been given the tools and will continue to work with the team to make better choices.”

- Amy Justus

“My Knee Pain Has Decreased By 80%!”

“The care I received from the team at Central Ohio Bariatrics was always professional. My advice to anyone thinking about weight loss surgery is to be realistic with your goals and remember that it’s your journey. Since my surgery, I can now walk, run, drive longer distances without being in pain, experience less knee and back pain, and able to feel like now I can be part of a community.”

- Christine Davis

Life is not about how much you weigh or how good you look; it’s about the small moments (which are actually the big moments!) that you get to share with the people most dear to you.

It’s about no longer sitting on the sidelines of your life (quite literally) and missing out, but instead fully participating and having a choice over what you can and can’t do.

So if you’re ready to write your own story, give us a call today on 740-475-0442, speak to our Bariatric Coordinator Angela, and take that first courageous step toward having the life that you truly want and deserve.

We are ready and waiting to support you.


Dr. Custer