You Don’t Have to Be Shamed by Your Weight


Struggling with your weight can be extremely isolating – especially when you feel like there's no one who understands.


And there's no shortage of sources when it comes to weight shaming: the media, the weight loss industry, people on the street, magazines, TV shows and family and friends (even the well-meaning ones).


Sometimes the biggest source of shame is often from within ourselves...


Have you experienced that relentless conversation within your head that tells you to try harder, eat less, exercise more, have more willpower, don't be so lazy, and to just stop eating so much?


This vicious mental cycle is  unhelpful and only deepens the isolation you feel inside of your chest....


What you may not understand yet is that it’s not just about food, even though  food is essential in gaining long-term success. Our team gets that you need medical support to drop the excess weight that doesn’t come from traditional diet and exercise. You know, that weight that’s been there “as long as you can remember”!


Asking for help is the strongest and most courageous step you’ll take on your surgical weight-loss journey.


The reality is, asking for help can be the difference between life and death. Morbid obesity has been found to shorten a person’s lifespan by 8 to 15 years, which is simply devastating. Patients who’ve gone through our program at Central Ohio Bariatrics have a 80% long-term success rate. And when you do the math, with over 1,000 patients served through our program multiplied by at minimum adding 8 more years to their life; we’ve added over 8,000 years of life on behalf of our patients.


That’s why we show up to work everyday. Because morbid obesity has a solution, and that’s medical weight-loss.


Nobody should suffer from the psychological and physical effects of morbid obesity.  


Nobody deserves to have awkward stares towards them  on the street.


Nobody should have to be in pain from simply walking or sitting.


Morbid obesity  is distinctly different from the term “obesity” or “overweight” because it is not only associated with multiple diseases and shortened life, but in fact requires a specific treatment


Multiple behavioral, environmental, genetic and metabolic factors combined produce a propensity toward becoming morbidly obese.


And that's why I believe that one of the most courageous things those suffering from morbid obesity can do is to take action and create a better life for themselves and their family in such a challenging situation.


In fact, just reading this article is a huge sign that you are committed to change, and you know that you will likely be more successful with support. Give yourself a break!


And while there is no overnight fix, there is a clear pathway you can take to become strong and healthy again.


You don’t have to be shamed by your weight anymore and you don't have to tackle it alone.


Give us a call today at 740-475-0442, speak to our Bariatric Coordinator Angela, and take that first courageous step toward having the life that you truly want and deserve.


We are ready and waiting to support you.

Dr. Custer