I Wish I Had Done It Sooner!

"Since my weight loss surgery I can now get up and down from the floor with minimal difficulty, go up steps without being short of breath, walk long distance seasily (two 5Ks walked this year), weed and plant flower beds without multiple breaks, and cross my legs. Dr. Custer and his team were very supportive and provided a lot of information and education. I have heard of other doctors who have not provided this to their patients and they seem to struggle. Make sure you are mentally prepared to change your life and understand what changes you need to make. I wish I had done it sooner!” - J.C.

Definitely the Right Choice

"The team at Central Ohio Bariatrics was excellent. I’ve been recommending them to anyone who asks. Since my weight loss surgery I can now tie my shoes without struggle, walk longer without getting winded, cross my legs, and wear smaller clothes than my daughters. I would recommend anyone considering surgery to do it! It’s worth it and I’d do it over again. It was definitely the right choice.” - Lorianne Drum

Very Understanding

"Since my weight loss surgery I can now take walks, exercise, work in my flower beds, fasten my seatbelt, and go up and down stairs a lot easier. Dr. Custer and the team are very understanding and they will help you with anything you need. I would advise anyone considering surgery to think it through; you go through a lot of changes for the good.” - B.R.

I Feel Great!

"The team at Central Ohio Bariatrics are great! Since my weight loss surgery I can now get up off the floor, walk without getting out of breath, run, plan flowers in my garden, and play with my grandchildren. My health has improved, I feel great and if you’re thinking about surgery, stay with it, do what Dr. Custer tells you, and take one day at a time.” - C.C.